Computer Programming

Lesson 1
class notes , homework, hangman

1. Rules and Guidelines

2. Introduction: What is Programming?

3. Setting up Python on your computer:
a. Start > All Programs > Python > IDLE (Python GUI)
b. First Program: “Hello World”
1. print (“Hello World”) and hit ‘Enter’
2. Mathematical Operators: +, - , * , /, % (remainder)

4. Different Ways to Run Programs
a. Python Shell > New Widow; F5 or run program

5. Syntax

6. Commenting Code: use of #

7. Strings:

1. Set-up Python on home computer.
2. Create a script file and save as
3. Write your age using the number of your age. (If you are fourteen, use the number ’14’ to construct a huge number 14.)
4. Write a paragraph, no more than 30 lines per paragraph.
a. print the same paragraph twice.
b. Name parts of the paragraph and print out paragraph.
by calling parts of the paragraph